Diary Entry 09/02/17: “Constant change”

You may have heard the phrase “Change is the only constant.” We tend to have a cynical view of repeated expressions but when you examine this one, you can see the truth behind it. Everything is change: the weather; current affairs; your dad’s receding hairline. This part might seem straightforward. On the other hand, constants seem to be all around us. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll see there are no constants.

Your body is a good example. It appears you’ve been in the same body for your whole life but your appearance changes all the time, however subtly. The colour of your hair changes as you develop, so too your eyes; many caucasian babies are born with blue eyes but this can change after a few years. You grow taller, stronger and wider when your winter body’s in full bloom. In fact, the cells in your body are being replaced continually so not even the basics that make up the microscopic elements of you stay the same.

Even your personality, your je ne sais quoi, what is fundamentally “you” is in a state of flux. Your hopes and desires, your opinions, your values; all of these are altered as time goes on. Since I’ve turned my attention inward, I’ve found all of these and more have been ever-changing and I’m noticing a higher frequency of change too; from week to week my interests change, my attitudes towards people and even my ability to stay calm and peaceful in certain situations. It’s like I’m flitting between things with no real solidity.

These changes are an inevitable part of life. It is how we react to them that dictates our growth and state of mind. Most of us can deal with admitting certain changes– for example, we all used to hate Bieber but now a lot of us think he makes some banging tunes. However, other changes can be harder to deal with, like a core belief that gets uprooted or out-of-character behaviour. I know I can be guilty of holding onto parts of me, and my life, that I favour over others.

It might not seem much but it can have worrying effects on mind-frame. In my experience, I tend to cling to the times when I am more peaceful and accepting of the events in my life. Through meditation and other factors I’ve described on this blog, inner peace is instrumental in what I’m about. However, the tendency to try and hold onto it only pushes it away further. This is what I believe my life lessons are teaching me currently: to accept the comings and goings of my experience, whether they are positive or negative, and to not get attached to any part of “myself”.


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