Reset Yourself

Of late, I’ve been talking a lot about where life has led me since I began practicing meditation, mainly through the method of self-enquiry. It has been an incredibly deep introspection–an experience like none I could have ever imagined. I’ve felt it has been my duty as a writer to bare all and give my readers an honest account of what it’s been like for me throughout this foray into spirituality.

However, that’s the heavy stuff. It’s not all about self-discovery and diving deep within yourself. So instead, tonight, I am going to talk about one of the great benefits of meditation on a day-to-day level, something that is really one of the base layers of this great practice.

The benefit I’m talking about comes specifically if you sit and meditate at the end of a long day at work or perhaps at the end of an exhausting week. A wonderful thing to do, I find, is doing yourself a favour and sitting quietly for 10-15 minutes when you get in. It’s sort of like hitting the reset button, restoring yourself to factory settings and shifting all those unnecessary files you’ve got on your hard drive.


You see, what we tend to do is carry our work woes with us, letting our brain witter away about the problems we’ve faced as a working man or woman. I wonder if you’ve ever noticed how tense you feel when this happens. This is mental resistance to what has happened. Perhaps another person’s stupidity or negligence has left you with a whole heap of work you ought not to have done. Or maybe you’ve made a mistake and you’re blaming yourself for getting something wrong.

Remember, though, you can’t control other people; it’s only natural to make mistakes; and, most importantly you can’t turn back time and fix what has already gone. A positive spin always helps too. Remind yourself that obstacles make us stronger, test us and make us all round better people. Let all that negativity go and start again.

This is where meditation is a huge help. Whilst you sit and focus your attention on your breath, it deepens and you naturally un-tense, de-stress and all that negative mental energy disappears. It’s like one of those cleansing juices or smoothies you see for ridiculous prices (£6 for a juice, are you having a laugh?). But meditation is free!


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  1. This isn’t necessarily just relevant to this specific entry.. Ok I asked someone to read a few of your entries and the response I got was this is pretty useful because there is much I can learn and relate to here, and the similarities to why I meditate are spot on.. See how people who are relatively new to meditation can benefit from your openness and experience
    Personally I love reading these for many reasons you put them together and make it a great read ..totally choosing the perfect pictures to bring it together.
    I was literally excited to see a new entry.
    I for one will be introducing people to these as I know how interesting and helpful they’ll find them… Do keep up the good work


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